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Wendy Flanagan
Director of Wellness & Business

After making the bold transition from corporate life to starting my own wellness business, I had a steep learning curve. Thankfully I was not alone; I built up an incredible network of people around me and met inspiring Women in Business through various networking events. Through these experiences, it became apparent to me that many female entrepreneurs are missing out on essential skills necessary for success; this realisation drove me to create a space where women could learn new tools and techniques for both wellness and business growth. I met countless powerful individuals from various industries all seeking knowledge about health, self-care, and sustainability within their businesses.

As a woman in business, I saw the need for more support and collaboration among us, as we have our own unique and different struggles. That's why I am passionate about creating growth events to connect like-minded female entrepreneurs and provide them with fun yet effective opportunities to grow their businesses, acquire new skills, and take control of how they want their lives to look. My mission is simple: let’s make sure our careers don't manage us - we should always be managing them!

Joining forces together makes all things possible; no journey has ever been completed alone – so let’s create something special that will empower future generations of women in business.

It doesn't need to be dreary or tedious: when we collaborate, our potential knows no bounds. Let's join forces on this journey towards success as entrepreneurs – because united we can #makeithappen.

I look forward to meeting you soon!

Wendy 😊


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