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Launch event for The Wellness Chain: Educational forum for women in business

Launch event for The Wellness Chain: Educational forum for women in business

Event - February 2023: The Wellness Chain approached us to help plan and manage a launch event for a series of events especially for Women in Business, focusing on advice, support, health and wellbeing.

The Challenge:

A passionate advocate for women in business and health and wellness. Our client's objectives around the event was to support female entrepreneurs missing out on essential skills necessary for success. We were tasked with helping a planned launch of a forum event. One that creates a space where women can learn new tools and techniques for both wellness and business growth. 

Plan and Objectives:

⦁ Venue find and confirmation

⦁ Location to be in a relaxed setting for wellness and mindfulness 

⦁ Launch for Kent and South East Region

⦁ 6 Speaker sessions

⦁ Forum / Workshop style

⦁ Break out Wellness demonstrations and treatments

⦁ Full refreshments including luxury afternoon tea

⦁ Full planning and on site event management

The Event:

Registration began at midday through until 1pm. Attendees were greeted and met with refreshments in The Stable room at Chilston Park. Then after some light networking it was through into the main room to begin the forum. 

We began with a welcome by our host introducing herself, the guest speakers and the itinerary for the afternoon. The first 5 minutes saw a demonstration of a relaxing mindset technique, which relaxed and calmed both attendees and speakers.

Each guest speaker topic ranged from discussions on personal branding through various photographs of yourself and different aspects of your business to display on your website and social media, along with the importance of branding. The importance of video content on your website and social media and what equipment you need. With the last speaker in this session explaining how to reduce your stress. 

Our delegates then left the main room and went to the Tack room for an in depth session on mindset. Focusing on the benefits of hypnotherapy and with permission, delegates were personally demonstrated on with some hypnotherapy for the benefit of raising peoples self esteem and confidence. 

Following this, a stunning Afternoon Tea was served and waiting for everyone back in the main room. The hotel gave out hotel branded cake boxes to put any cakes that were not eaten in, enabling people to take them away. Additional teas were donated by The Wellness Chain to a local homeless charity.

Our final speaker discussed how colours can influence clients and peoples thoughts and emotions. She explained how scientifically we see colours and what colours mean to people all around the world. 

We closed with a competition for products donated by our host and an optional treatments in the Tack Room. Relaxed discussions and networking drinks continued in the main hotel bar. 


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