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Women in Business Event with Afternoon Tea - 23rd Feb 2023

Women in Business Event with Afternoon Tea - 23rd Feb 2023

This Business Event for Female Business Owners (everyone welcome) offers an exclusive opportunity to immerse yourself in a luxurious 17th-century Manor House to learn how to develop your business with confidence and new business and wellness skills from mindset, sales, branding, photography, wellness, and enjoy an afternoon Tea.

🌻Do you suffer from imposter syndrome when trying to promote your business sales?

🌻Are you nervous about public speaking, networking, standing up talking about your business?

🌻Do you feel self-concious in front of the camera promoting you and your brand?

🌻Do you struggle to feel confident doing live videos?

🌻Do you understand how colour affects you, your clients and branding on socials?

🌻Are you fed up getting lack of engagement on your social media?

🌻Do you struggle with overwhelm and lack of confidence and want to learn some wellness tips?


If so, take charge and make the change. This event is especially for you! Come and join us on this day and learn how to feel empowered, more confident, less anxious promoting you and your brand and business? Unlock your business's branding true potential and enhance your wellbeing with effective stress management skills.

🌻Held outside of London in Kent, this event is designed specifically to equip women entrepreneurs with effective stress management skills that will help them reach their highest potential as leaders in the industry. Participants can look forward to unwinding amidst beautiful surroundings while engaging thoughtfully with innovative strategies on taking control of their businesses and personal lives. Don't miss out - join us now at Chilson Park Manor Hotel!

🌻Learn the secrets of confident, flawless on-camera /video performance and unlock your business's branding true potential Are you worried about appearing in front of a video or camera for fear that something may go wrong or you feel self-conscious in front of the camera? 

🌻Discover how to reduce stress through RTT. Tailored towards those looking to take their mental wellbeing seriously by applying effective strategies which have been proven time and again throughout history.

🌻Elevate your well-being and take control of your health. Mini-wellness treatments available.

🌻Step away feeling empowered and equipped with knowledge that can help build confidence while minimizing stress in everyday life-perfect for business owners to relax their minds & bodies.


· 🌻Welcome and Networking -Wendy Flanagan

· 🌻Begin with a Relaxing Mindset Session calming a Busy Mind -Jonathan Butler

· 🌻Defining Your Brand -Albane McGuiness

· 🌻Why You Need Branded Photography in Your Business -Albane McGuiness

· 🌻How Video Helps Your Brand Stand Out -Karen Bengall

· 🌻Feel Confident with Video -Karen Bengall

· 🌻How Does Colour Impact Your Brand? -Alison Rood

· 🌻How Colours Can Influence Your Client’s Thoughts & Behaviors -Alison Rood

· 🌻Reduce Stress & Business Overwhelm Through RTT Techniques -Jonathan Butler

· 🌻Overcome The Fear, Increase Confidence to Sell More in Your Business -Jonathan Butler

· 🌻 Overcome The Negative Chatter to Become a onfidence & Compelling Speaker -Jonathan Butler

· 🌻Afternoon Tea & Networking

· 🌻 Mini Taster Treatments are available

· 🌻Wrap Up -Wendy Flanagan


Jonathan Butler - B.O.O.S.T Performance Coaching

· 🌻Clinical Hypnotherapist, RTT Therapist and Mindset Coach

· 🌻Author of the Amazon Best Selling Book ‘Bye-Bye Anxiety-Your 4 Steps to Greater Confidence, Calmness and Contentment’’

· 🌻Founder of B.O.O.S.T Performance Coaching

🌻Jonathan Butler Works with women in business to give them the confidence to succeed and the clarity of direction to proceed. He does this through his BOOST Performance Coaching Programme. Combining his exceptional business know-how with his Deep expertise in psychotherapy, Jonathan developed BOOST Performance Coaching to show ambitious people the route to success and instil the mindset to complete that journey.

🌻Jonathan helps women in business develop deep-rooted self-belief and learn to love doing things they find difficult. Many women feel uncomfortable promoting themselves. Business owners and leaders must develop a strong personal brand and convey their personality and passion. In his workshop, Jonathan will share top performers' secrets and help you love being in front of the camera, on stage, or with a microphone in your hand.

Karen Bengall – KB Photography

🌻Karen Bengall is a professional photographer and video creator who helps businesses create beautiful visual content for their marketing. With more than 25 years of experience in the industry, she knows how to capture amazing images and videos that will help her clients stand out from the competition and help create sales. Her mission is to help businesses achieve their marketing goals through stunning visuals that communicate their message effectively.

🌻From commercial work and services to headshots and portraits she has worked with a variety of clients, from small local businesses to larger international brands, each treated with the same level of detail.

🌻She is dedicated to delivering high-quality results that exceed expectations and help her clients reach their target audience. Karen is also keen to help business owners and marketing teams create their own content that will truly engage viewers.

🌻Whether you need help with photography, videography, or both, Karen is available to help you create content that will leave a lasting impression.

Alison Rood Ltd- Workplace Wellness

🌻Alison Rood is a digital transformation specialist and colour psychology coach and soft skills expert who firmly believes that supporting people to excel individually and collaborate effectively is the best way to get projects done on time and on budget. She uses two decades of team-building experience and her colour expertise to support high-performing teams to resolve conflict, improve communication and cultivate effective working relationships.

Albane McGuiness Brand Photographer

🌻Albane McGuinness is a Personal Brand Photographer who used to avoid being in front of the camera until one day she invested in a business coach who made her realise the importance of being visible across her social media platforms. This is when she decided to share her experience and switched from Wedding and Portraits to Personal Brand Photography.

🌻Her aim is to help other female entrepreneurs gain more confidence with sets of images they are proud to show and that truly represent them and their business.


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