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UK Women in Business

The Wellness Chain invites women in business and enterprise to join our thriving community and attend our online events designed specifically for their success. We share the same struggles of managing a business or career, handling family responsibilities, tending to loved ones, operating self-care routines - all while excelling! 

In our community you can relax with friends who 'get it' and understand your unique journey as female entrepr... Read more

Build New Connections, Build Relationships and Learn Valuable Business Tips

Our Business training, events and community provide invaluable resources for professionals to expand their network, cultivate useful connections, acquire valuable advice from experts in the industry , and obtain insider knowledge that can enable growth within any business.

We strive towards creating a supportive environment where women have access to multiple tools which will help them reach success both personally as well as professionall... Read more

Improve your Worklife Balance

Working a successful business requires knowledge, perseverance and skill - but sometimes it can also be more than you bargained for. With that in mind, our Business Events and Retreats are designed to support women entrepreneurs by providing events organized around health, wellness and career advancement topics. 

Our experienced experts will lead workshops and training focused on growing one's personal development while addressing any issu... Read more