Email Etiquette Certification

Email Etiquette Certification


Email Etiquette Certification

In this age of technology, email is the most efficient form of communication used in the workplace, yet many businesses still overlook the importance of the standards and rules one should follow when communicating in this way. This course on email etiquette will be discussing the most important etiquette rules that apply to nearly all companies, with the aim of providing participants with the necessary skills and techniques for managing and writing emails in an effective and professional manner.

You Will Learn:

  • What email etiquette is
  • How to handle tone and language in email messages
  • How to write appropriate subject lines, salutations and closings
  • When to Cc and Bcc recipients into an email conversation
  • General tips on constructing an efficient and professional email

Benefits of Taking This Course:

  • You will learn how to communicate more effectively through email
  • You will be able to structure emails in a way that’s easy for recipients to read
  • Your knowledge of proper email techniques will allow you to appear more professional in your emails

  • Qualification: Email Etiquette Certification
  • Course Access: Lifetime
  • Exam Access: Yes
  • Compatiblity: All modern browsers and devices
  • Location: Online
  • Hours: 0.75
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