Link Building for SEO Certification

Link Building for SEO Certification


Link Building for SEO Certification

Link building is an extremely crucial step of SEO and driving targeted traffic to your website. The techniques and strategies for link building have evolved the last decade, and link building has never been more important to SEO and marketing. Search engines use certain algorithms, to access web pages, and link building is a very reliable way in which to drive traffic to your site.

What's Covered in the Course?

Whether you are a beginner or not, this course on link building will help you learn the nuances and strategies, in order to help you use link building for effective SEO. The course covers several topics of interest, including:
  • How to judge if a link is relevant or not, and how to determine if a link to your website is a follow or no-follow link;
  • Understanding Google algorithms that determine SEO factors - this helps you upgrade your SEO strategies, in order to drive higher traffic to your website;
  • The importance of getting links from credible website sources and building quality content on your website, for higher traffic;
  • How to link to viral and controversial content, to generate interest;
  • How to intensify SEO strategies on your web pages, by interlinking your pages and linking a page to itself;
  • How to work towards establishing long-term brand value, by blogging and networking on the Internet;
  • How to link to free websites, such as newspaper and industry sites, to post links to your own website;
  • How to post your links on university and education websites, by offering scholarships or special discounts to students.

This video course offers the following benefits

The benefits of link building for you and your business are as follows:
  • If you can understand and master link building strategies, it can help put your business ahead of the competition;
  • Link building intensifies SEO on your website and also helps you benefit from traffic that comes to other websites;
  • You can leverage relationships and events, to promote your brand in several different ways;
  • You can market your site through SEO-optimised press releases.

  • Qualification: Link Building for SEO Certification
  • Course Access: Lifetime
  • Exam Access: Yes
  • Compatiblity: All major browsers and devices
  • Location: Online
  • Hours: 0.75
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